40+ Example of Future Tense in Hindi & English [2023]

40+ Example of Future Tense in Hindi & English [2023]

40+ Example of Future Tense in Hindi & English [2023]

In this post, we have told you that the list of Future Tense Example in Hindi has been given. Often, children of many small classes, as well as in many schools & College exams, often get to write the Future Tense Example in Hindi and English, like 20 Example of Future in Hindi and English or 50 Example of Future Tense, in such a situation many students do not have much Future Tense Example.


If you are also looking for the Future Tense Example in Hindi and in English then you have come to the right place. Because below you have been given complete information about Future Tense Example in Hindi and English –

Future Tense in Hindi & English

S.NO.  Example of Future Tense HINDI Example of Future Tense ENGLISH
1 अब मैं घर जाऊँगा | Now I’ll go home
2 माताजी खाना खायेंगी | Mother will eat food.
3 आज हमारे घर महमान आयेंगे | Today the guest will come to our house.
4 लडके मैदान में हॉकी खेलेंगे | Boys will play hockey in the field.
5 लडकियाँ कक्षा में गाना गायेंगी | Girls will sing a song in the class.
6 हम साथ साथ स्कूल जायेंगे | We will go to school together.
7 रवि छत पर पतंग उडायेगा | Ravi will fly kites on the roof.
8 दादाजी कुर्सी पर बैठ कर अखबार पढेंगे | Grandfather will sit on the chair and read the newspaper.
9 तुम मुझे ज़िन्दगी भर याद करोगे | you will remember me for life
10 वह हवाई जहाज से अमेरिका जायेगी | She will go to America by plane.
11 वह स्कूल जायेगा । He will go to school.
12 राम गाना गायेगा । Ram will sing a song.
13 वह अपने दोस्तों के साथ घुमने जायेगा । He will go for a walk with his friends.
14 मनीष कल जंगले सफारी जायेगा । Manish will go to jungle safari tomorrow.
15 वह कंप्यूटर सिखाने जाती होगी । She must have gone to teach computer.
16 जमुना एक शेफ बनेगी Jamuna will become a chef
17 हम सभी एक ही कॉलेज में पढेंगे । We will all study in the same college.
18 मैं और मेरे दोस्त जिम जायेंगे । Me and my friends will go to the gym.
19 अनिरुद्ध अपने पापा के साथ बैंगलोर जायेगा । Anirudh will go to Bangalore with his father.
20 मैं अपने स्कूल कि तरफ से पिकनिक पर जा पाउँगा । I will be able to go on picnic from my school side.
21 सीता फिल्म बनाने चित्रकूट जलप्रपात जाएगी । Sita will go to Chitrakoot Falls to make a film.
22 मैं कल कपडे धोउंगा । I will wash clothes tomorrow.
23 राम कल कानपूर जायेगा । Ram will go to Kanpur tomorrow.
24 तुम रविवार को अपने दादाजी से मिलोगो । You will meet your grandfather on Sunday.
25 राजा अपनी प्रजा को समबोधित करेगा । The king will address his subjects.
26 वे कल फल नहीं तोड़ेंगे । They will not pluck the fruit tomorrow.
27 लड़के कल दिन में नहीं सोयेंगे । The boys will not sleep during the day tomorrow.
28 हम सब कल समन्दर किनार पिकनिक मनाने जायेंगे । Tomorrow we will all go to the beach for a picnic.
29 पुष्कर अपने ईलाज के लिए दिल्ली जायेगा । Pushkar will go to Delhi for his treatment.
30 क्या तुम्हारा भाई कल स्कूल नहीं आयेगा ? Will your brother not come to school tomorrow?
31 क्या तुम सब घुमने नहीं जाओगे ? Won’t you all go for a walk?
32 आप लोग आज घर क्यों नहीं आएंगे ? Why won’t you guys come home today?
33 नरेन्द्र मोदी जी दोबारा प्रधानमंत्री पद कि शपथ लेंगे । Narendra Modi will again take oath as the Prime Minister.
34 तुम आगे क्या करोगे ? what will you do next?
35 क्या पुष्कर अभी कंप्यूटर सीखने जायेगा । Will Pushkar go to learn computer now?
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