5 Life Lessons That Coronavirus Has Taught Us | Coronavirus Eassy 500 Words

5 Life Lessons That Coronavirus Has Taught Us

5 Life Lessons That Coronavirus Has Taught Us.
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Coronavirus Eassy 500 Words

Introduction –

Coronavirus has changed our lives completely. We never anticipated that the 21-day lockdown would actually go on for months, which would then extend to a year and eventually turn our lives upside down. We started working from home, colleges and schools started online classes, and we saw some historic changes like 10th boards getting cancelled. .

Coronavirus Eassy 500 Words

While COVID-19 gripped us in its fear, it also helped us see the world with a new lens. We’ve all gone through the phase where we explored the inner MasterChef’s in us, made Dalgona coffee with banana bread, and many more delicacies to satiate our cravings. While some of us had the privilege to do so, others sacrificed their safety for us. We realized the value of these COVID warriors. It took us a global pandemic to realize the importance of life and what truly matters in it.

Here are 5 such life lessons that the pandemic taught us.  


1.Importance of Self-Reliance –

Pandemic was an eye-opener when it came to a lockdown and taking charge of our homes in our own hands. We realized how dependent we’ve always been on those who nurture us and take care of our homes & health. From cleaning the house to doing laundry, and dishes, we realized how much we took our domestic help for granted.

Coronavirus indeed knocked the world down to its knees, but it showed us the value of empathy, one that goes a long way. After more than a year of being trapped at home, we’ve definitely learnt some skills and have become more independent than ever before.

2.No Stronger Institution Than Family –

In the last year and a half, another realization has been about our family’s integral role in our lives. Lots of people stayed alone during this scary phase and they shared their experiences of how tough it is to live miles away from home, with a constant fear of their safety and that of their loved ones. Those who were at home shared how they bonded with their families.

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Some honed their culinary skills, some helped with other household chores, while some played board games. The one common takeaway was that this pandemic made them less socially distant as they connected with loved ones and family.

3.Happiness Lies In The Little Things –

Nobody knew when their worlds would come crashing down and they’d be grounded for months. We were so consumed by the larger events that we failed to appreciate the little moments. Those who lost their taste and smell due to COVID-19 shared their experiences of how much they relished their home-cooked meals after recovering.

3.Happiness Lies In The Little Things -

How an intense workout never felt better, how they enjoyed sharing the same room as their family and bonding over games. These are the little things that we overlooked a year ago and now look forward to every single day. It’s time we appreciate them and be grateful for what we have.

4.Your Mental Health Matters The Most – 

Humans are social creatures and they rely on one another for emotional comfort and support. In India, over 30 million people suffer from mental health problems. But only a fraction seek help. With Coronavirus hitting India like a storm, we all had to undergo a strict lockdown. Isolation, social distancing, work from home, online classes, limits physical interaction.

4.Your Mental Health Matters The Most - 

While that is the need of the hour, it’s important to stay connected with loved ones in these uncertain times. Eating healthy and exercising daily can boost serotonin and make you feel charged. Another way we can take care of our mind is by not polluting it with fake news. We can lift each other by sharing good content and keeping the mood light in unfortunate times.

5.Kindness Goes A Long Way –

While we speak of mental health, we must also know that our actions and words can lighten or dampen someone’s mood and state of mind. We never know what someone is going through so it’s best to be kind to every person.

5.Kindness Goes A Long Way

Small acts of kindness like complimenting someone, helping the elderly, getting groceries for your sick neighbor, or just sharing verified information on social media can save lives! This pandemic has led to frustration and anger, if we can do our bit to spread joy, then that’ll also make us feel peaceful. Being grateful and counting your blessings can help you calm your thoughts.

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 Conclusion – 

We were so fortunate to have seen our planet heal. Every cloud has a silver lining indeed. As we went back to our homes, wildlife started getting back to theirs with no fear of losing their lives. In Mumbai, we saw flamingoes in droves, returning to lakes. As the skies cleared up, the Himalayan mountain ranges came into view from villages and towns in Punjab after decades.

Dolphins were spotted at Mumbai’s Marine Drive, sparrows and various migratory birds returned to Delhi, the number of tigers and lions increased manifold. Not only this, due to negligible pollution, the air quality index of cities like Delhi and Mumbai was under control and people could breathe fresh air. The pandemic’s most important lesson has taught us to let nature heal itself and not take it for granted. Our planet is all we’ve got, we cannot exploit it more than we have already. It’s high time we alter our lifestyles and switch to a sustainable one.

Coronavirus Eassy 500 Words


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