500+Phrasal Verbs list PDF Download – Phrasal Verbs list

In this post, we have told you that Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download in Hindi has been given.

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Important Phrasal Verbs PDF Download - Phrasal Verbs list

Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download in Hindi and English

If you also want to learn to speak English or want to strengthen your hold in English, then you should know the Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download because we may need these noun in everyday Proper speech. So let us now look at the list of Phrasal Verbs List in detail-

Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download

Because we have brought for you in today’s post all the important information of Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download Pdf can also be downloaded. Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download All the necessary information has been given to you through pdf.

Download PDF of Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download and get complete details about it are asked in many competitive exams.

List of other commonly used phrasal verbs that start with A.

  1. Account for: Explain by relating circumstances
  2. Account for: Be the primary cause of
  3. Account for: Constitute in amount or portion
  4. Account for: Destroy or put out of action
  5. Account to: Answer to; to be responsible to
  6. Admire to: Be enthusiastic about doing
  7. Adopt out: Send a son or daughter away to live in another country
  8. Age out: Become too old for an activity, program or institution; to become too mature for a behavior
  9. Aim at: Design for a particular audience
  10. Aim at/to: Intend to do or achieve

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Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download – Download Now

Abstract Noun PDF Download

Through this post, we have shared the information and PDF of Phrasal Verbs List with you, we hope that you have Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download the information given in the pdf notes will prove useful for you.

Give 10 examples of phrasal verbs.

  • Make up
  • Opt out
  • Pay for
  • Add on
  • Call in
  • Fall off
  • Give up
  • Knock out
  • See about
  • Take out on

50-100 Example of phrasal verbs.

  1. Ball up: Hunch over and pull in one’s arms and legs
  2. Balls up: Do something badly. To ruin a job
  3. Bear on: Be relevant to
  4. Bear out: Corroborate, prove, or confirm; to demonstrate
  5. Bear upon: Be relevant to
  6. Bear with: Be patient with
  7. Believe in: Ascribe existence to
  8. Believe in: Believe that (something) is right or desirable
  9. Open up: Open
  10. Open up: Reveal oneself; to become communicative
  11. Open up: Commence firing weapons
  12. Pack away: Store away, place out of the way, or stash, especially for the longer term
  13. Pack away: To eat (a great deal of food)
  14. Pack off: Send away, with belongings, for a long time
  15. Pack out: Fill with spectators
  16. Pack up: Move one’s residence
  17. Pay back: Pay an amount of money owed to another, to repay
  18. Pay back: Exact revenge
  19. Pay for: Exchange for, especially money for goods or services
  20. Pay for: Be punished or held accountable for
  21. Shake up: Agitate by shaking
  22. Shake up: Upset or distress
  23. Shake up: Reorganize, to make reforms in
  24. Shut out: Hide from sight
  25. Shut up: Of a person, to stop talking or (of a person or thing) making noise
  26. Shut up: I don’t believe it!, no way!
  27. Sign off: Log off; to stop using a computer, radio, etc., especially to stop talking
  28. Sign off: Cease broadcasting a radio or television signal, usually at the end of a broadcasting day
  29. Sign off: Give one’s official approval to something for which it is needed
  30. Sign out: Sign one’s name as an indication that one is leaving some location
  31. Sign up: Add a name to the list of people who are participating in something
  32. Sign up: Add one’s own name to the list of people who are participating in something
  33. Sign up: Agree to purchase some good or service
  34. Sing along: Sing some music while someone else is singing
  35. Sink in: Become clear in one’s mind
  36. Sit back: Recline while still in a seated position, with one’s back on the frame of the seat
  37. Sit down: Assume a low or sunken position
  38. Sit on: Block, suppress, restrain
  39. Sit on: Restrain (a person)
  40. Sit on: Take no action on
  41. Sit on: Be a member of
  42. Sit out: Decline to participate; particularly, to decline to dance
  43. Sit through: Unwillingly stay seated until the end of an event
  44. Sit up: Assume a sitting position from a position lying down
  45. Sit up: Sit erect
  46. Believe in: Have confidence in the ability or power of
  47. Block off: Obstruct
  48. Quiet down: Become quieter
  49. Quiet down: Make someone or something become quieter
  50. Quiet down: Diminish in intensity
  51. Read in: Accept as input
  52. Read off: Dictate from a list
  53. Read out: Read something and say the words to inform other people
  54. Read out: Read some data and inform the person using the device
  55. Rely on: Be confident in
  56. Rely on: Be dependent upon
  57. Block off: Book, set aside
  58. Block out: Prevent from entering or penetrating
  59. Block out: Prevent (a thought) from entering one’s mind
  60. Boil down: Become reduced
  61. Boil off: Remove by boiling
  62. Boil off: Be removes by boiling
  63. Boil over: Boil to such an extent as to overflow its container
  64. Boil up: Cook or prepare by boiling
  65. Leave out: Allow a portion to remain unused or unconsumed
  66. Lie around: Do nothing in particular, to be idle
  67. Lie around: Be in an unknown place
  68. Lie before: Put oneself at the whim of, to bow down to
  69. Lie down: Assume a reclining position
  70. Lie down: Be lazy or remiss
  71. Lie in: Stay in bed (longer than usual)
  72. Lie low: Conceal oneself; to remain hidden
  73. Lift up: Lighten the mood of someone
  74. Light up: Show an increase in activity or mood
  75. Light up: Light a cigarette, pipe etc.
  76. Lighten up: Become less serious and more cheerful or casual; to relax
  77. Liven up: Improve a person’s mood by making them more energetic
  78. Book in: Reserve an appointment for
  79. Bottom out: Touch or drag along the ground
  80. Branch out: Expand in the manner of branches
  81. Branch out: Attempt something new or different, but related
  82. Brighten up: Make cheerful
  83. Bubble over: Be very enthusiastic, or highly excited
  84. Bubble over: Be successful on a modest scale, without yet being fully established
  85. Shade up: Improve; to correct one’s bad habits or behaviorShade up: Take shape; to transform into or become
  86. Show in: Lead or direct someone to an enclosed space, usually a room
  87. Show off: Exhibit the best attributes of something
  88. Show off: Attract attention to for the purpose of bragging or personal exhibitionism
  89. Show off: Show someone the important parts of something (a building, town etc.)
  90. Show up: Appear, arrive, or attend, especially suddenly or erratically
  91. Show up: Make visible or expose faults and deficiencies in, usually by comparison
  92. Shower with: Give to someone an abundance of (something)
  93. Shut down: Close, terminate, or end
  94. Shut down: Turn off or stop
  95. Shut in: Lock in
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Conclusion (हमने सिखा) – Phrasal Verbs 

In this post, we have learned about the Phrasal Verbs List PDF Download. We hope that you would have liked all the information we have given here. And it will be useful for you, if you have any question regarding this article, then you can ask us in the comment below. And you must share this article with your friends. Thank you

FAQs on Phrasal Verbs

What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are a combination of a verb and a preposition or an adverb that function just like a verb in a sentence.

What is Transitive phrasal verbs?
Transitive phrasal verbs use a direct object, just like normal transitive verbs.

What are phrasal verb examples?
Phrasal verbs are very common, and you hear them in spoken English all the time.  examples :- get out, calm down, give away.






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