500+ Word Eassy on Computerization in India

500+ Word Eassy on Computerization in India

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500+ Word Eassy on Computerization in India



The 20th century is witnessing a computer revolution. A computer is a fast and accurate electronic data manipulation. It is designed to store input data, process it according to some predefined instructions and exhibits results. The computer thus perform four basic functions, viz, Input, process and output.

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Structure of computer: 

The computer is also referred to as the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The data and instruction on how to process it are kept in the storage unit of the computer called MEMORY. The relevant instructions fed into the computer are called ‘Program’ or ‘language’.

Computerization in India:

 in India, the advent to computerization was marked by apprehensions that it would result in retrenchment of labour force and retard generation of employment opportunities in the country. Trade Unions vehemently opposed the introduction of computers. The first computer was installed in India at Isi, Kolkata in 1955 to 1964, only 28 computers were installed in India. All these were imported computer. But during the nest thirteen years, 392 additional computer were installed. Of these, only twenty-five percent were manufactured India. Today, there are as many as 1000 companies which are manufacturing computer as against 9 companies in 1978.

A new thrust of government:

With the announcement of an integrated policy by the government of India in March 1985, the computerization has received a new thrust. The policy is aimed at enabling indigenous manufacture of computer at standard international price using latest technology, simplification of existing procedures for import of suitable computer by end-users, promotion and encouragement to application of computers in all field where development and growth are envisaged.

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The Integrated Computer Policy of 1985 has given a boost to the computer industry in India. The Seventh Plan larger of an annual turnover of Rs.500 crores in 1990 was supposed. On the software export side, the industry circles have almost crossed turnovers of Rs.1.000 crores against the Seventh plan target of Rs.350 crores

Computer is used in every field:

 In India, the use of computers was initially confined to Research Institution, Defense and Space establishments. Today, with the advent of personal computer, even small establishment are using computer in their business. Large organization are pumping in huge investment to use computers in office automation, decision making, manufacturing etc.

Computer is used in every field:

Insurance companies to use computers in office automation, decision-making, manufacturing etc. Insurance companies, Railway, Airlines, Post office and Bank have gone in for computerization in a big way to improve their efficiency. The growth of computer industry has opened up new, exciting job opportunities. By the end of the Seventh plan, India needed about 2 lakh persons trained in computer.


Thus, starting as a mere calculating device, computers in India have come a long way. They are being used by organizations of all kinds and sizes for their day-to-day operations. Computer is destined to play a crucial role in India’s march into the 21st century.

500+ Word Eassy on Computerization in India


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500+ Word Eassy on Computerization in India

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