500 word Essay on Environment Pollution | Types | Damage in India |


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 IntroductionThe thin cover of air and water that surrounds earth pro tects and keeps life. It is known as biosphere. It contains oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water-vapour etc. The green plants produce oxygen and supply us fresh air. Pure water is also supplied by nature that we require most.



Environment PollutentsA pollutant is a substance or energy introduced into the environment that has undesired effects, or adversely affects the usefulness of a resource. Example: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)Methane(CH4),Carbon monoxide(Co), Nitrogen oxides etc.

Limited SupplyMan has made a great progress with the help of science or supplying him several necessary things. He thinks that the sort of progress he is making is an unmixed blessing. He has seldom thought that the air, the water or the food could end. He has little thought that the progress of science and technology is seriously disturbing the life-system balance. It would lead to the breakdown of the life supporting system on the earth.

Types of Environment PollutionThe major kinds of pollution, usually classified by environment, are Air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. Modern society is also concerned about specific types of pollutants, such as noise pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, and plastic pollution.

500 word Essay on Environmental Pollution  | Types | Damage in India |

The Damage StartedNature has been suffering for the past several hun dred years. Now, the problem has become serious. The great technological break throughs are doing a great damage to the environment. The highly developed countries were the first to experience the environmental diseases.


In IndiaThe increased industrial activity has brought along air, water and noise pollution. These pollutions are making living difficult and resulting into poor health and several diseases. These are also having negative influence on the working capacity of men in general.

Sutlej River Pollution, India

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CausesOne of the chief air pollutants is smoke from our factories and is harmful for our lungs. The ever rising number of vehicles spreading foul smoke is also polluting the air. Human waste, animal bathing, industry waste etc. are pollut ing water. Even major rivers have become very much polluted. Loud horns, loud speakers, musical systems etc. are creating noise pollution It is disturbing the peace of mind of men. Atomic tests are also polluting the atmosphere.

RemediesIf we have not checked these pollution it would become im possible for people to survive. The factories and mills must be erected outside the cities. Vehicles should be tuned to produce less smoke. Dirty things should not be allowed to mix in water. The vehicles should be compelled to produce little sound and there should be complete ban on nuclear tests.

ConclusionThe Anti-pollution laws are bieng made. Our government and people have become aware of the problem. We must fully co-operate in making our environment neat and clean.

500 word Essay on Environmental Pollution  | Types | Damage in India |
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