40+ स्टेशनरी आइटम नाम लिस्ट | All Stationery Items Name List [2023]

स्टेशनरी आइटम नाम लिस्ट | All Stationery Items Name List

In this post, we have told you that the Stationery Items Name In Hindi-English in hindi has been given.

If you are also looking for the Stationery Items Name In Hindi-English then you have come to the right place. Because below you have been given complete information about the Stationery Items Name Hindi and English –

40+ स्टेशनरी आइटम नाम लिस्ट All Stationery Items Name List [2023]

Stationery Items Name in Hindi and English –

If you also want to learn to speak English or want to strengthen your hold in English, then you should know the English meaning of all these Stationery Items Name because we may need these Stationery Items Name in everyday common speech. So let us now look at the list of Stationery Items Name detail-

S.no Stationery Items Name In English Stationery Items Name In Hindi
1 Pen कलम
2 Pin पिन
3 Pin-cushion आलपिन लगाने की गद्दी
4 Paper कागज़
5 Nib निब
6 Postage stamp टिकट
7 Revenue stamp रसीदी टिकट
8 Tag डोरी
9 Inkpot दवात
10 Carbon paper नकल करने का कागज़
11 Blue ink नीली स्याही
12 Card कार्ड
13 Pencil पैंसिल
14 File फाईल
15 Tape फीता
16 Visiting card भेंट कार्ड
17 Tracing cloth मोमी कपड़ा
18 Monthly magazine मासिक पत्रिका
19 Seal मोहर
20 Ruler रूलर
21 Receipt book रसीद बही
22 Rubber stamp रबर की मोहर
23 Black ink काली स्याही
24 Eraser रबर
25 Waste-paper-basket रद्दी की टोकरी
26 Blotting paper सोखता कागज
27 Blank paper सादा कागज़
28 Ledger लेखा बही
29 Glue सरेस
30 Envelope लिफाफा
31 Sealing wax लाख मुहर लगाने की
32 Writing pad लिखने की पट्टी
33 Packing paper लपेटने का कागज़
34 Gum गौंद
35 Inkpad रोशनाई का गट्टा
36 Holder होल्डर
37 Punching machine छिद्रण पत्र
38 Bodkin छेद करने का सुआ
39 Perch अड्डा
40 Newspaper अखबार

Stationery Items Name In English

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