Change the following sentences into the passive voice

Change the following sentences into the passive voice. 

Here is the some example of passive voice must read are practice for inhance your grammar skill

1. She sang a song. 

Ans:- A song was sung by her. 

2. He seels books. 

Ans:- Books are sold by him.

3. They will arrange a party. 

Ans:- A party will be arranged by them. 

4. She is cooking food. 

Ans:- Food is being cooked by her.

5. Most of us eat rice.

Ans:- Rice is eaten by most of us. 

6. The picture greatly fascinated me. 

Ans:- I was greatly fascinated by the picture. 

7. They are chasing the dacoit. 

Ans:- The dacoit is being chased. 

8. I am watching you very carefully.

Ans:- You are being watched very carefully by me. 

9. A few persons were helping the injured man.

Ans:- The injured man was being helped by a few persons. 

10. Somebody has stolen his pen. 

Ans:- His pen has been stolen. 

11. My wife has drawn this picture. 

Ans:- This picture has been drawn by my wife. 

12. He has received his transfer orders. 

Ans:- His transfer orders have been received by him.

13. He had not tasted this dish before. 

Ans:- This dish has not been tasted by him be fore. 

14. Everybody will blame her.

Ans:- She will be blamed. 

15. One should keep one’s promises. 

Ans:- Promises should be kept.

16. They may call your for the interview. 

Ans:-  You may be called for the interview. 

17. Their team can win the match. 

Ans:- The match can be won by our team. 

18. Our team might win the match. 

Ans:- The match might be won by our team 

19. We ought to respect our elders. 

Ans:- Our elders ought to be respected.

20. It is time to close the shop.

Ans:-  It is time for the shop to be closed.

Change the following sentences into the passive voice


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