Collective noun PDF Download:Definition & Meaning with Example

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Collective noun PDF Download:Definition & Meaning with Example

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Collective noun PDF DownloadDefinition & Meaning with Example

Download PDF of Collective Noun PDF Download and get complete details about it are asked in many competitive exams.

 What Collective Noun?

Definition of Collective Noun :- In linguistics, a collective noun is a word referring to a collection of things taken as a whole. Most collective nouns in everyday speech are not specific to one kind of thing. For example, the collective noun “group” can be applied to people, or dogs, or objects

Definition of Collective Noun in Hindi :- भाषा विज्ञान में, समूहवाचक संज्ञा वह शब्द है जिसका इस्तेमाल वस्तुओं के समूह को परिभाषित करने के लिए किया जाता है, व जिसमें व्यक्ति, पशु, भावनाएं, निर्जीव वस्तु, अवधारणाएं या अन्य चीजें हो सकती है। उदाहरण के लिए, “ए प्राइड ऑफ लॉयन्स”, वाक्यांश में प्राइड समूहवाचक संज्ञा है।

Examples of Collective Nouns : Here are some examples of collective nouns 

Collective Nouns for Animals

Collective nouns for animals: Many collective nouns are very general in their usage (e.g., you can refer to a “group” of just about anything)

  • Collective noun for bees – Swarm
  • Collective noun for fish – Shoal or School
  • Collective noun for lions – Pride
  • Collective noun for wolves – Pack
  • Collective noun for ants – Colony
  • Collective noun for sheep – Herd
  • Collective noun for ships – Fleet
  • Collective noun for birds – Flock

Collective Nouns for People

  • Collective noun for dancers – Group
  • Collective noun for thieves – Pack
  • Collective noun for players – Team
  • Collective noun for actors – Troupe, Company or Cast
  • Collective noun for soldiers – Army
  • Collective noun for musicians – Band
  • Collective noun for warriors – Troop
  • Collective noun for directors – Board
  • Collective noun for sailors – Crew
  • Collective noun for singers – Choir
  • Collective noun for delegates – Delegation
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Collective Nouns for Objects/Things

  • Collective noun for bananas – Comb
  • Collective noun for grapes – Bunch
  • Collective noun for flowers – Bunch or Bouquet
  • Collective noun for cards – Deck/Pack
  • Collective noun for cigarettes – Packet
  • Collective noun for mountains – Range
  • Collective noun for apples – Bushel
  • Collective noun for trees – Grove or Forest

20 examples of collective nouns

  1. a body of men
  2. a body of men
  3. a book of notes
  4. a bouquet of flowers
  5. a bowl of rice
  6. a bunch of crocks
  7. a bunch of crocks
  8. a bunch of keys
  9. a bundle of sticks
  10. a caravan of gypsies
  11. a hive of bees
  12. a bale of cotton
  13. a basket of fruit
  14. a batch of bread
  15. a battery of guns
  16. a bevy of ladies
  17. a bevy of ladies
  18. a block of flats
  19. a board of directors
  20. a caravan of gypsies

Top 10 Example of  Collective noun

Here is 10 most aksed example of Collective noun you must need to note down all examples for better practices in futher –

  1. A catalogue of prices
  2. a catalogue of prices
  3. a chest of drawers
  4. A chest of drawers
  5. a chest of drawers
  6. a choir of singers
  7. a fleet of ships
  8. a forest of trees
  9. a gaggle of geese
  10. a galaxy of stars

5 Example of Collective noun PDF Download

  1. a gang of prisoners
  2. a group of dancers
  3. a group of islands
  4. a hail of bullets
  5. a hand of bananas

40 or 50 or 100 Example of collective nouns

  1. a harvest of wheat
  2. a haul of fish
  3. a heap of rubbish
  4. a hedge of bushes
  5. a herd of cattle
  6. a hive of bees
  7. a horde of savages
  8. a horde of savages
  9. a host of angels
  10. a library of books
  11. a line of kings
  12. a mob of rioters
  13. a nest of mice
  14. a pack of thieves
  15. a pack of wolves
  16. a party of friends
  17. a party of friends
  18. a party of friends
  19. a patrol of policemen
  20. a patrol of policemen
  21. a plague of locusts
  22. a posse of policemen
  23. a posse of policemen
  24. a pride of lions
  25. a quiver of arrows
  26. a range of mountains
  27. a ream of paper
  28. a reel of film
  29. a regiment of soldiers
  30. a regiment of soldiers
  31. a school of whales
  32. a set of clubs
  33. a sheaf of grain
  34. a shower of rain
  35. a stack of wood
  36. a staff of employees
  37. a staff of employees
  38. a string of horses
  39. a string of horses
  40. a string of pearls
  41. a stud of horses
  42. a stud of horses
  43. a swarm of bees
  44. a swarm of bees
  45. a team of players
  46. a tribe of natives
  47. a tribe of natives
  48. a troop of scouts
  49. a troop of scouts
  50. a wad of notes
  51. a zoo of wild animals
  52. an anthology of poems
  53. an outfit of clothes
  54. sloth of bears
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Collective Nouns Quiz for your knowledge test

1. Although its members are plural, a collective noun is always treated as singular.


2. Both teams _______ now on the pitch.


3. _______ the police been called?


4. Which list shows collective nouns only?

fleet, crew, football, jury, audience
committee, gang, company, Apple

FAQs of collective nouns

1.Are collective nouns singular or plural?

Ans.Collective nouns are most commonly treated as singular (e.g., “the herd is grazing”), but usage differs between US and UK English:

2.What are top 3 Example of collective nouns?

Ans –

  1. a plague of locusts
  2. a posse of policemen
  3. a posse of policeme


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