Correct the mistakes relating to the use of verbs/adverbs in the sentences names below

Correct the mistakes relating to the use of verbs in the sentences names below : 

1. Measles have broken out in the town.

Ans:- has

2. ‘The Arabian Nights’ are an interesting book.

Ans:-  is

3. Five miles are not a long distance.

Ans:- is

4. Eight thousand rupees are a big amount.

Ans:- is

5. The news are true.

Ans:-  is

6. The cost of all essential commodities have gone up.

Ans:- has

7. The demand for luxuary items are on the in crease.

Ans:-  is

8. This book contain ten stories.

Ans:-  contains

9. The causes which give rise to war is many.

Ans:-  are

10. The building of these houses have taken four years.

Ans:-  has

11. The life expectancy of mosquitoes are very short.

Ans:- is

12. The students of this class works very hard.

Ans:- works

13. There was many children in the crowd.

Ans:- were

14. There are a bunch of keys on the table.

Ans:- is

15. There are no certainty of her coming tonight.

Ans:-  is

16. Was there any letters for me?

Ans:- were

17. There is people of many nationalities living in India.

Ans:-  are

18. Bread and butter are a wholesome food.

Ans:-  is

19. A pious man and good neighbour have died.

Ans:-  has

20. The great poet and novelist have died.

Ans:-  has


Correct the mistakes relating to the use of adverbs in the following sentences : 

1. It is nothing else than pride.

Ans:- else but

2. Chameli does not know to drive a car.

Ans:-  how to drive

3. Please kindly do me a favour.

Ans:- Please (or kindly)

4. Supposing if you fail, what will you do?

Ans:- Supposing (or if)

5. I shall be much      glad to meet her.

Ans:- very

6. This novel is much interesting.

Ans:- very

7. He only rests when he is tired.

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Ans:-  rests only

8. This box is very heavy for you to lift.

Ans:-  too

9. I seldom or ever go to see her.

Ans:- never

10. She was enough kind to help me.

Ans:- kind enough

11. He is bad in need of five hundred rupees.

Ans:- badly

12. She came directly from Ankara.

Ans:-  direct

13. I gave up my studies about fifty years before.

Ans:- ago

14. They come seldom to see me.

Ans:- seldom come

15. I am too pleased to meet her.

Ans:- very

16. I am very obliged to you for helping me.

Ans:- much

17. The rose smells sweetly.

Ans:- sweet

18. She can run fastly.

Ans:- fast

19. I am glad our maid works hardly.

Ans:- hard

20. He plays cricket good.

Ans:- well


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