what is paragraph writing ? Example of Paragraph writing.

Paragraph writing with Example 

paragraph writing What happens when you focus a torch on a particular object? The spot on which the torch light falls gets illuminated. What happens to the rest of the aspects of that object? They remain in dark. So, what does the torch light do? It projects the particular spot or aspect of the thing. It does not project the entire object. The same role is played by a Paragraph. A paragraph highlights a particular part or aspect of a topic. It is a short composition of generally 10-15 words. paragraph writing is not very difficult. But to write a good paragraph you need to practice and pay attention to a few things. A paragraph is divided into three parts.

What is paragraph?

The first sentence of a paragraph is called the key sentence. It introduces the topic. It is very important and without it there can be no such thing called paragraph. In a very simple way the key sentence should tell what the central idea of the paragraph is. It may be a “quote’ from somewhere a line from a poem etc.

How to write a paragraph?

The middle part or body of the paragraph is also very important. It explains the topic, or presents the writer’s or somebody else’s views on it. The sentences in this part should be simple, straightforward and crisp. The most important thing is maintaining a logical sequence. While reading a paragraph it should not appear that from here and there a few sentences have been put together to make the body. Each sentence should be logically and coherently linked to another. Don’t use jargons or bombastic phrases while writing a paragraph. Keep it short and simple is the main strategy we have to adhere to

The four different types of paragraphs are- 

  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Persuasive

Some paragraphs have been given here as models for you to read and re read them and then practice writing on the same pattern.

Example of Paragraph writing – 

  1. My Hobby
  2. India
  3. Your Ideas of a Happy Life
  4. Libraries
  5. Mother
  6. Your Aim in Life
  7. The Winter Season
  8. Mahatma Gandhi

1. My Hobby 

I love reading classic novels. I have been reading novels since I was in school. It’s a very good pastime. It teachers you a lot of things about life. A good novel is the autobiography of the time it was written in. It talks about the people of that par titular period, their way of thinking, their life style, their practices, their customs, rituals and a lot more. It also reveals how the people of that period found solution to their problems. Thus a novel doesn’t only narrate a story but it is also the history of that period. The second most important thing a novel does to us it that is refines and beautifies our language. Therefore reading novels can be termed a good habit and informing too.

2. India 

From the Himalayas in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south from the Arabian sea in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east lies an ancient land. It is called India. India is a vast country of more than one billion people who consider it their home. It is like a mother to those people who speak different languages, practice different rituals, customs, adopt various life styles and yet unite themselves in one nation we call India. It is our beloved motherland. Thus India is not only an area of land but it is a thought, a beautiful feeling in one billion hearts which throb for it.

3. Your Ideas of a Happy Life 

Alexander Pope has written, “Happy the man whose wish and care few paternal acres bund’. I agree to this idea that contentment and self-control are two strong pillars of happiness. A person’s first mission in life should be to control his mind. It’s easier said than done but to get a precious thing like happiness one must pay this price. It needs a lot of practice. A mind should be trained not to be a storehouse of information but to be able to entertain just one thought at a time, and that too a positive or a good thought. This habit helps us win over worries or anxieties. It helps the mind to be calm and thus be happy. If we started finding happiness within we wouldn’t run after worldly gains and joy and peace will be our personal nature. I never say don’t be the master of infinite but warn people not to be its slave. Have plenty but be happy with little. This is called contentment. Therefore, these two things-self-control and contentment lay the foundation of happiness.

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4. Libraries 

Libraries are homes of books. They are the storehouse of knowledge and information. They are one of the best gifts a generation can pass on to the next generation Just arrange a library at your home and nobody in your family could ever be or remain illiterate. There aer both public and private libraries. The public libraries are run and maintained by government bodies or social organizations. They are big in size. The private libraries are arranged, collected and managed by a particular person mostly in his house. They are relatively smaller and can have a few dozen or a few hundred or rarely even a few thousand books. Public or private libraries are knowledge banks and must be kept and managed well. A person who is into the habit of visiting a library even once a week will be enlighten informed and will evolve a good personality, Therefore, let’s start a library culture in our society.

5. Mother 

Great things have been said about mothers. The holy Quran says, “There is Heaven under the feet of a mother’. Somebody else said ‘Since God couldnot be himself everywhere at a time, he created mothers’. Mothers are embodiment of love, affection, compassion and what not. She is the one who keeps the child in her womb for nine months and even after his birth feeds and rears him till he becomes a self-reliant person. A mother has a great role to play in her child’s life. She is the first teacher of her baby. Children of a virtuous mother can rarely be bad or ordinary. They train them to be good citizens of their nation. Napokean used to say” : Give me good mothers and I will give you a great nation’. She builds the character of her child. It’s why mothers have been given a higher position in children’s life than their fathers.

6. Your Aim in Life 

An aimless is life is worthless. Therefore, everybody should have a just and good aim in his life. Everybody has an aim. Almost everybody tries to achieve it, but only few succeed. Why? It’s because there are very few people who have faith in their aims and the ability within them to achieve it. God has a master plan for everybody who has been sent on this earth. That is his mission on earth. Now the question is “how a person should know what mission he has to accomplish in his life’. The answer to it is simple. Everybody is born with an innate ability to do something so well that nobody can do it like him. Just because of this ability he feels attracted to certain fields, certain tasks. Now yours is to identify what you feel interested in. What’s there that when you do you feel happy and fulfilled. That very area or task can be your aim. Whatever your aim in it should have enough scope to express your creative ability. It should also be in the welfare of the society, the nation and the world. Therefore we should decide a worthy aim and strive to achieve it.. Website

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7. The Winter Season 

Winter is one of the four seasons that we experience in India. It’s a beautiful season. It starts in November and lasts till February. The days are short and the nights are long. The sin’s rays fall slantingly on the earth. We get rid of the heat of the scrohing sun. The dew rops begin to smile on crimson rose petals. Warm clothes are out and sitting in the sun is a treat of the day. Winter is also a very healthy season. What we eat digests well and we feel stronger. We don’t feel exhausted as we do in the summer heat. We can work harder and still not feel tired. Sitting around fire in the evening and sleeping in the quilt is very pleasant. On top of that it is also a season of festivals. Dussehra, Diwali, Vasant Panchmi, Makar Sankranti all give us enough space to enjoy life during winter. Thus we can say that winter is a beautiful season.

8.Mahatma Gandhi 

Once Einstein wrote about the Mahatma, “Generations to come would hardly be lieve that such a person in flesh and blood had ever walked on earth”. Such a person was Mahatma Gandhi. From an ordinary man laden with weaknesses he had tumed himself into the incamation of truth and non-violence. Born on 2 October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat this man had stirred the entire world with a new way to fight for one’s rights, “Satyagraha”. he influenced great leaders of many generations. Martin Luther King Junior and Nelson Mandela practised his principles in their lives and created history. He fought the British fearlessly to win freedom for India. Even his enemies were his admirers of his fearlessness, truthfulness and the principles of Ahimsa that he practised. He was shot dead by an extremist called Nathuram Godse on 30 January 1948. We call him father of nation. We should follow his principles of Truth and Ahimsa in life.

The conclusion

After the key sentence it is the most important part of the paragraph. No matter how good the body is if the key sentence and the conclusion are not good, the paragraph is not even worth reading. Second, the key or introductory sentence and the conclusion must be linked to each other. The conclusion must support the key sentence. If you are writing a paragraph on Shakespeare and in your introductory sentence you say that ‘Shakespeare was a great dramatist your conclusion must be supporting the same view. Thus these three parts. The key sentence the body and the conclusion all are written well, they make a readable piece.


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