Material Noun PDF Download: Definition, Examples, Rules & Exercises

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Material noun PDF Download in Hindi and English

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Material Noun PDF Download Definition, Examples, Rules & Exercises

Material Noun: Definition, Examples, Rules & Exercises

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What is Material noun?
Definition: Material noun can be defined as “Material Noun are names of materials or substances out of which things are made. Ex: gold, iron, silver etc.”

Material Noun is the substance, material, or thing which can be perceived by the senses. For example, in “The apple was halved between Preeti and me”, in this sentence “apple” is a material object that can be perceived by being seen, felt, or touched.

some example of Material noun

  • I drink water daily in the night.
  • Most of the industries use fibre.
  • In the ancient time, most of the kitchen utensils were made up of brass.
  • My brother has a shop for diamonds.
  • Calcium is a good mineral for health.
  • Plastic is made up of many molecules of ethylene.
  • There are many utensils in my kitchen made up of iron.
  • Taj Mahal is built using marbles.
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Abstract Noun PDF Download
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