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All Tense PDF Download Hindi-English

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What are the 12 types of tenses PDF? (Types of tenses with example)

  • Present Indefinite tense
  • Simple Past tense with example
  • Simple Future tense
  • Present Continuous tense
  • Past Continuous tense
  • Future Continuous tense
  • Present Perfect tense
  • Past Perfect tense
  • Future Perfect tense with example
  • Present Perfect Continuous tense
  • Past Perfect Continuous tense with example 
  • Future Perfect Continuous tense

Types of Tenses PDF

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12 Types of Tenses with Examples and Formula PDF 

There are three main tense and they are:

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense

What are the 12 types of tenses?

Each of these tenses has four forms and they are: 

1. Present Tense

1: Present Indefinite or Simple Present Tense

2: Present Continuous Tense

3: Present Perfect Tense

4: Present Perfect Continuous Tense

2. Past Tense

1: Past Indefinite or Simple Past Tense

2: Past Continuous Tense

3: Past Perfect Tense

4: Past Perfect Continuous Tense

3. Future Tense

1: Future Indefinite Tense

2: Future Continuous Tense

3: Future Perfect Tense

4: Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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All Tense PDF Download Hindi-English – Download Now 


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