9 Effective Study Techniques to Try This Year

Get a good night’s sleep: A recent study found a positive relationship between students’ grades and how much sleep they’re getting 

Switch up your study environment: This might not seem like a promising study strategy, 

Stick with an environment that works: If you you have a good study space at home or a café that is reliably a productive place for you 

Listen to calming music: You can listen to any music you like, but many agree that classical 

Eliminate distractions: Eliminate distractions by silencing your phone and annoying background noises such as the TV or radio 

Snack on smart food: Coffee and candy will give you a temporary boost, but then you’ll have a blood sugar crash.  

These are the states with the highest median expenditures per student, according to USAFacts and Edunomics Lab: 

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9 Effective Study Techniques to Try This Year