smart study Tips

10 proven tips to study smarter, not harder

Study in short chunks 

Try setting aside 30 minutes before or after work to dedicate to your study 

Get in the zone 

Create the ideal study space, and gather all the books and items you will need. 

Sleep well and exercise 

It also pays to stay hydrated and get up to move in between your 30-minute sessions. 

Write flash cards 

Your brain stores information better when you’ve written something down after you're read or heard it.  

Connect the dots 

Learning to make connections when you consume information pays dividends. 

Set goals 

Make a list of study goals and tick them off when you complete them.  

Test yourself 

Practice tests are a good way to see where you’re at, and where you might need to focus 

Aim to teach it 

Tests have shown that people who study material to teach it to others, absorb the information 

Read aloud and recall 

A handy trick is to close your eyes and try to recall what they say to help further cement your main points and arguments. 

Lose the screen 

So to mix up your study, try printing out some of your lecture notes or online articles, and give those eyes a rest