9 Effective Study Techniques to Try This Year

1. Choose a University

In the United States, there are over 4,000 universities and colleges,

2. Cost

Studying at a biennial community college is one method to cut education costs 

3. Scholarship

Only 8% of foreigners receive scholarships in the United States, according to statistics 

4. Entry Requirement

Minimum scores on the standardised SAT and ACT exams, as well as the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency exams, are required for admission 

5. Prepare Application Document

When applying to study abroad in USA, there are various factors to consider, including:

6. Take IELTS or TOEFL

If you are not an English native speaker or have previously attended a university where classes were not delivered in English 

7. Check Other Tests/Requirement

You will need to produce a portfolio or take additional examinations to be accepted into a certain academic programme (e.g., design, architecture).

8. Application Form

Each university in USA has its own questionnaire for applicants, which includes a variety of questions. 

9. Pay the University Fee

Some institutions charge a $20 to $50 application fee to consider admissions. After the applicant has completed all of the fields on the online application form, payment is made.

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9 Effective Study Techniques to Try This Year