A consumer received $7.2 million by mistake from Crypto.com instead of a $68 refund

A fairly unfortunate blunder caused the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto 

com, which sponsors the Los Angeles Lakers arena and is backed by Matt Damon, to mistakenly send $10.5 million AUD (about $7.2 million USD) to an Australian customer 

instead of delivering a regular $100 AUD (around $68 USD). Seven months after the blunder was made, the exchange discovered it

had passed by which time some of the money had already vanished, according to Australian news site 7News via CoinTelegraph 

Thevamanogari Manivel, the consumer in question, reportedly transferred the money to a joint account  

spent $1.3 million AUD $890,526 USD on a lavish, five-bedroom mansion for her sister instead of reporting the inaccurate return to Crypto.com

By filing a lawsuit in the Victoria Supreme Court, the corporation is attempting to recover its money