10 U.S. Universities Offering Top Distance Education

1. Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is dedicated to helping the self-development of its students 

2. Northwestern University

Northwestern University embraces differences to assist in the creation of new ideas in an inclusive learning environment. 

3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA prides itself with its commitment to provide free access to information, free debate and mutual respect and tolerance. 

4. New York University

New York University has been innovating in education since 1831 promoting a global vision of the world to its students. 

5. University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin promotes a culture of ambition and leadership that does not shy away from remarkable achievements. 

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is a high-ranked public college and a top research university in the USA 

7. Boston University

Being one of the largest, non-profit universities in the United States, 

8. The Ohio State University

The most well-represented areas of research at the university are Sustainability, Agriculture, and Health 

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