Best States for Gender Equality in USA

The education category of the Best States for Gender Equality analysis looks at gender disparities in two metrics 

four-year graduation rates between men and women 

and eighth grade achievement test scores in math and reading between boys and girls 

all the disparity-based categories in our analysis, education is the only one in which women’s outcomes are stronger than men’s. 

Among four-year college degree seekers at public universities, women completed their degree at higher rates than men in every state 

Nationally, 66% of women finished compared to 59.7% of men – a difference of 6.3 percentage points. 

Girls also have higher achievement test scores in reading than boys in every single state, with an increasing gap as grade levels progress. 

1.Maryland 2.Indiana 3.Illinois 4.Oregon 5.lowa 6.Michigan 7.Colorado 8.Rhode 9.Island 10.New 11.Jersey 12.Nevada

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Best States for Gender Equality in USA