Britney Spears Sends Elton John A Gift

Britney Spears gave Elton John personalized salt and pepper shakers in the shape of rockets as a token of her gratitude for helping to launch her name back to the top of the charts.

On Friday, Elton praised Britney on Twitter for the unique gift, he commented, "thank you @britneyspears for the wonderful rocket salt and pepper shakers. #HoldMeCloser."

The rocket shakers appear to have multiple metaphorical meanings. Their popular song "Hold Me Closer," a remake of the Rocket Man's timeless "Tiny Dancer," has become a huge hit.

Shortly after it was released, it shot to the top of the streaming charts and reached that position in more than 40 nations.

Previously, Elton John commented, "The reception to ‘Hold Me Closer’ has me thrilled.

I was thrilled when Britney Spears agreed to participate because I wanted to make a joyful, upbeat summer song.

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