facts about today’s college graduates in USA

Nearly four-in-ten Americans ages 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree, a share that has grown over the last decade 

In a reversal, women are now more likely than men to graduate from college 

There are racial and ethnic differences in college graduation patterns, as well as in the reasons for not completing a degree 

Only 62% of students who start a degree or certificate program finish their program within six years,  

Business is the most commonly held bachelor’s degree, followed by health professions 

There is a growing earnings gap between young college graduates and their counterparts without degrees. 

The unemployment rate is lower for college graduates than for workers without a bachelor’s degree, and that gap widened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic 

Recent college graduates are more likely than graduates overall to be underemployed – that is, working in jobs that typically do not require a college degree 

When it comes to income and wealth accumulation, first-generation college graduates lag substantially behind those with college-educated parents 

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