Five Diamondbacks players they can build around

Five Diamondbacks players they can build around after step forward in 2022  

The Arizona Diamondbacks will not make the playoffs this season after being eliminated from contention on Thursday night.

Factor in the combination of a recent five-game losing streak and a remaining schedule that includes more contests against playoff contenders.  

Yet for all the focus on what the Diamondbacks won't do or don't have, this season has instilled their fan base with a little something that has been absent in recent years.  

It would be unfair to write that the future core of the Diamondbacks was on display this season.  

Two of the three most important players for Arizona's long-term outlook, shortstop Jordan Lawlar and outfielder Druw Jones, have combined for 102 professional games.  

Outfielder Corbin Carroll, the third member of the trio, was able to reach the majors this season.

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