For a new bra ad, 78-year-old Lauren Hutton disrobes.

Lauren Hutton, 78, dons lingerie for a new bra campaign, but she claims she didn't wear one until she was 50.

Lauren Hutton admits she has never been a fan of wearing underwear while appearing in a provocative lingerie advertisement for CUP.

For the company's most recent advertisement, the 78-year-old got naked and displayed a few iconic bra designs.

She acknowledged not wearing bras for the majority of her life, though, when chatting with Vogue about the collaboration.

She said to the magazine, "I never wore bras until I was 50." "I did not require them

I believe I first acquired an underwire bra in Paris when I was 50 or 47.

And when I put one on after picking one up, I started to look my age."

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