Best jobs for work-life balance

Work-life balance in this context could mean not having to work long hours every week 

Or it could mean carrying a big workload but having a very flexible schedule in which to get it done. 

The results are based on employee ratings of work-life balance for the same position across at least 81 different employers. 

Many of the top 25 jobs on Glassdoor's list are in technology, recruiting, marketing or engineering. 

There is, however, no correlation between pay and work-life balance 

Some positions on the list are 6-figure jobs, while others have salaries that rank low among 5-figure jobs 

1. Data scientist: $114,808 a year 2. SEO manager: $45,720 a year 3. Talent acquisition specialist: $63,504 a year 4. Social media manager: $40,000 a year 5. Substitute teacher: $24,380 a year 6. Recruiting coordinator: $44,700 a year 7. UX designer: $91,400 a year 8. Digital marketing manager: $70,052 a year 9. Marketing assistant: $32,512 a year 10. Web developer: $66,040 a year

Best jobs in USA for work-life balance

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Best jobs in USA for work-life balance