We anticipate a flood of announcements from Microsoft, its partners, and significant players in the PC and gaming industries as Techtober approaches.

But that won't likely happen until a few weeks from now. For the time being, we've got to make do with spicy news instead of a long list of tales.

However, despite a generally sluggish news week, some important news broke.

The first-person shooter genre was pioneered by the legendary game GoldenEye 007.

In terms of licensing, it's also one game that has generated the most controversy.

Conflict arose because the game's rights were divided between numerous parties, including Microsoft and Nintendo.

The James Bond classic is finally making its way to contemporary consoles after decades of back and forth—but with some restrictions.

As part of Rare Replay, GoldenEye 007 will soon be remastered and available on Xbox Game Pass.

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