If you caught Aaron Judges 62nd home run 

I have no issues with people who want memorabilia and it's kind of cool to look at sometimes. 

"One night, after all my homies had left and it was just me sitting there alI just feel like if I had something like that displayed somewhere in my house it would feel fun the first several times l alone with my thoughts running wild.

Gimme the cash and materialistic stuff. For the people who would scoff at that and say life experiences are more important, if I caught the ball

I've already acquired that life experience! It can't be taken away and I don't need to see the ball to remember it.  

As a Modern Gentleman, I find cash to be an annoyance, so I will insist upon a substantial direct deposit into my checking account.  

Once I see the negotiated figure show up, then I'll turn over the stupid ball.

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