Kevin Hart is known for his friendship with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock himself, and for his enormous arms. 

But lately, he has become more and more honest about his downright weird eating patterns, which is admirable but still puzzling. 

A large portion of his fame comes from his public persona, not from being a pebble or anything similar. 

Recently, Merchant spoke openly about Johnson's work ethic about eating his own meals in the 2019 film Fighting With My Family. 

When Merchant made an appearance on the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show on SiriusXM, she recalled Johnson's intriguing dining-out strategy. 

He must follow such a regulated diet, that when he goes for dinner with friends he has to carry his meal to the restaurant and have them heat it up. 

The actor is meticulous about his diet, Merchant recalled when they met before a WrestleMania performance. 

He not only bases his entire existence on what he eats, but it's also crucial for him to consume specific foods at specific times. 

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