newly established fast-food council in California hurts everyone.

The fast-food council in California is unfair and "hurts everyone," according to the head of McDonald's in the US 

At McDonald's and other franchises, the minimum pay could be increased by the fast-food council to $22. 

Increased pay is "not awful," but Joe Erlinger cautioned that it might drive up the price of fast food. 

California's law to create a 10-person fast food council is "lopsided, hypocritical. 

He wrote in a letter published on Wednesday that the move was "ill-considered" and "hurts everyone." 

Erlinger added, "As President of McDonald's USA, it may surprise you to learn 

that I support raising the minimum wage for workers. In reality, I support legislation that raises the pay of all workers. 

The law, which also mandates training to make workplaces "safe, inclusive, and respectful," can be "very beneficial 

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