There are other ways to get Pokemon GO Eggs, including spinning PokeStops, fighting Team GO Rocket Leaders and more.

In GO, there are five different kinds of eggs. The distance it takes for eggs to hatch determines their classification, such as 2km or 7km.

Players should become familiar with which Pokemon will hatch from which Eggs and how to get them.

There are six different Eggs in Pokemon GO: 2km (Green spots) 5km (Orange spots) 7km (Yellow with pink spots)

10km (Purple spots) 12km (Red spots) 5/10km Adventure Sync Eggs (Orange/Purple spots)

As most players have probably already guessed, the Pokemon GO Eggs are categorised according to how far players must walk for them to hatch.

The most prevalent and scarcest kind of eggs are 2km and 12km, respectively. Different types of Pokemon hatch from each category of eggs.

Unfortunately, Pokemon are generated randomly, which is bad news for people who want to hatch a specific species.

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