On September 18, Roggenrola Community Day for Pokemon GO will take place, and there are some opportunities for players to participate.

For instance, fans can go through the Rock 'n' Roll Special Research Story, which is available only during this event.

However, players will have to spend real money to open the Rock 'n' Roll Special Research in Pokemon GO, and they can use this advice to judge if the benefits outweigh the cost

Just to be clear, fans who do ultimately decide they want to finish the Roggenrola Community Day Special Research should focus on the Shop that can be accessed through the app.

Players of PoGO will locate a ticket in this Shop that costs $0.99, and it is this ticket that actually unlocks the Special Research Story.

Step 1 Enhance 10 Pokemon (15x Poke Ball) 15 Roggenrolas to catch (Roggenrola Encounter) Perform 5 good throws (20x Roggenrola Candy)

Step 2 Transfer 10 Pokemon (Boldore Encounter), catch 15 Roggenrola (30x Roggenrola Candy), and evolve three Roggenrola (10x Pinap Berry)

Step 3 Throw 3 excellent curveballs (50x Roggenrola Candy) Boldore Evolve 1 (1 Lucky Egg) Move 10 Pokemon (15x Great Ball)

Step 4 Redeem Reward (2x Silver Pinap Berry) Claim Reward (Roggenrola Encounter) Roggenrola Encounter Reward

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