'Pokemon With Guns' Game Palworld Confirms Xbox Release.

Palworld, a Pokemon clone that was revealed at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, will be available on Xbox platforms in addition to PC.

Palworld, which incorporates open-world survival game features and more adult-oriented themes, is a very original variation of the Pokemon paradigm.

Palworld has been making headlines since it was first revealed last year, but until recently, just the PC version via Steam was announced.

The most recent Palworld trailer was released, along with the information that the game is also being developed for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

with the console release scheduled for 2023, the same year as the PC release.

Palworld has not yet been confirmed for PlayStation or Nintendo consoles, which is unfortunate for those who favor those systems.

The latest Palworld clip demonstrates how players may interact with the game's Pals, similar to Pokemon.

Pals can be used in combat and mounts to travel throughout the game area.

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