Qualcomm predicts that 2024 will be the year Windows on Arm grows.

Cristiano Amon, CEO and Chairman of Qualcomm 

has signaled that 2024 will be the year that PCs powered by his company's Snapdragon silicon will make their mark on  2022.  

And the likely difficult 2023 “and sales, general and Administrative expenses" 

As device makers turn unused shipment backlogs  into finished products, Qualcomm's sales slow.  

Other product lines like automotive and IoT also have a big lead, and according to Amon, earnings are already promising. 

Fourth quarter results revealed revenue of $11.4 billion, growing 22% annually. 

Net sales increased 3% to $2.9 billion. For the full year, revenue rose 32% to $44.2 billion

Net sales increased 43% to $12

I would like to remind everyone that the current inventory is a cyclical adjustment that has no impact on the underlying long-term profitability of the company. 

And we are on track to execute on our  growth strategy and all  fundamentals remain in place.  

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