Steph Curry's Brother Seth revealed He Was a Better Shooter Than Him

Ever since Curry entered the NBA, the Golden State Warriors star has displayed his great shooting ability to the globe. 

Additionally, he officially overtook Ray Allen last year to claim the title of the greatest three-point shooter in history. 

Seth Curry, Steph's brother, previously admitted that Steph hadn't been the finest shooter since he was a young boy. 

The interviewer questioned Seth about his shooting ability, comparing him to Steph. Seth was actually a better shooter when he was younger than Steph. 

"The shooting percentage for Step Curry this season was 43.7%. Seth, on the other side, shot 48.5% in 45 games for Philadelphia while shooting 49.3% in 19 games for the Brooklyn Nets. 

Seth's career has gotten off to a slower start than Steph's, who is recognized as one of the all-time greats. 

Out of the 16 games Steph has played versus his brother, he has recorded 13 victories. 

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