Stephen Amell goes ‘wild’ in court after losing against animal rescue

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell went “wild” in court after losing a battle in his lawsuit against an animal rescue group. 

Amell requested a Los Angeles court shut down Rescues Rock and force it to move from its Laurel Canyon location, but a judge ruled that Amell and his wife 

Cassandra Jean, were “not likely to prevail” at a trial and even went so far as to say the public would “suffer greater harm” if the rescue had been moved. 

One source said the actor started “yelling” after the judge ruled against him; however, a second source tells us that Amell simply was “not pleased.” 

“This is now the second time in the span of two months that the Amells unsuccessfully have sought a court order shutting down Rescues Rock.”

Jeremy Osher Attorney for Rescues Rock

“We are pleased with the court’s decision, which allows Rescues Rock to continue with its important mission.”

Jeremy Osher Attorney for Rescues Rock

The couple sued Rescues Rock in September, claiming defendants Kristen Stavola and Jeremy Gardiner were running a “large illegal animal kennel operation” on residential plots of land without a permit 

They claimed the operation was a “substantial nuisance” that prevented them from enjoying their personal property. 

Despite describing themselves as animal lovers in their complaint, Amell, 41, and Jean 

37, alleged the rescue group’s “canines bark loudly at all hours of the night and day, continuously waking the Amells, their newborn child and eight-year old daughter.” 

In addition, the RRI Defendants do not properly sanitize their residential real properties or clean up substantial animal waste

Court Documents

resulting in overpowering stench and odors emanating from the properties and onto the Amells’ property

In response, Stavola said in court documents that her business has never operated as a kennel and even went so far as to claim Amell and Jean have volunteered at their shelter. 

Amell’s purported temper has made headlines in the past 

The “Code 8” star was removed from a flight in 2021 after getting into an altercation with his wife, whom he married in 2012.