Study tips for college in the US

Stay organized from day 1

Right from day 1, try to keep a calendar of commitments of everything from homework and assignments to social and extracurricular events 

Look after yourself

Whilst you might feel that you have to be studying constantly, if you don’t cut yourself time for breaks 

Study smarter, not harder

Have you considered keeping a notebook for each class where you exclusively take notes of material 

Take a break every now and then

If you’re feeling exhausted and incapable of studying when you get home after a long day, don’t let yourself feel guilt! 

Create a community around you

It’s incredible just how much easier college can be to manage when you have a supportive community that’s there to support you 

study routine 

Stay on top of your study commitments from day 1 and you’ll be free to enjoy the experience of college in the US 

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Study tips for college in the US