The best way to MCU is coolest persona

In the MCU, The Hulk has to be given a fresh start, and his Joe Fixit comic book persona and attire are the ideal ways to do it. 

The comics demonstrate why the Hulk in the MCU would make the ideal transition to the Jade Giant's Joe Fixit persona. 

The green anger monster, who has mostly remained constant throughout most of Bruce Banner's comic book tales, is the most recognisable manifestation of the Hulk

The most unexpected iteration of the Hulk, with a gangster makeover and outfit in his grey form, begs to be made canon in the MCU. 

Hulk was really taken to a magical planet where he assisted a group of alien magic users in overthrowing a villainous ruler while the general populace

He'll also make a new miniseries from Peter David and Yildiray Cinar. The Joe Fixit persona would be ideal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sins Joe Fixit's Marvel Comics persona would take the Hulk in a much-needed fresh direction, his introduction would mark a significant shift in pace for the character. 

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