The dangers of sucking in your stomach

The dangers of sucking in your stomach too much Jenna Rya

'Hourglass syndrome':

It is the result of sucking in your stomach, which keeps your upper abdominal muscles tense and your lower abdomen weaker and underused.

What is 'hourglass syndrome'? What are the health risks of sucking in your stomach too much?

Contracting your abs for an extended time can create pressure on your pelvic structures, which may lead to incontinence or urine leakage during everyday activities such as laughing or coughing.

Additional risks include stiff hips, neck and back pain and ineffective breathing. Is it permanent? How to fix hourglass syndrome:

Awareness of the problem is the first step to stopping it.

Experts recommend belly breathing exercises to retrain your brain and body to expand naturally.

But more important, it's a mental challenge to combat problematic beauty standards requiring flat stomachs at the expense of our own health.