High Teacher Expectations Boost Long-Term Student Outcome

That’s according to a new study published today by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative think tank that promotes school choice and academic rigor. 

“High expectations are a good thing,” said Seth Gershenson, a professor of public policy at American University and the author of the report 

The study analyzed nationally representative survey data from the federal 2002 Educational Longitudinal Study and the 2009 High School Longitudinal Study 

Teacher expectations matter a lot, no matter the school type

These results don’t prove cause and effect since students weren’t randomly assigned to teachers with high expectations. 

Charter schools have a reputation for a strict school culture

The study comes just as students work to regain academic ground that was lost during the pandemic and districts think of ways to support them. 

optimistic that teachers will retain their high expectations as schools continue to emerge from the pandemic.