USA Which States Invest the Most in Their Student

Data shows which states spend the most money per student, and where disparities at the school level lie.

To educate students, the U.S. on average spent just under $12,000 per pupil in fiscal year 2019, 

though totals varied broadly both across and within states. 

According to data available via USAFacts and from Georgetown University’s Edunomics Lab, 

states in the Northeast tended to spend the most on public education 

with the tri-state region of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey leading all states in fiscal 2019 with per-pupil 

These are the states with the highest median expenditures per student, according to USAFacts and Edunomics Lab: 

1. New York ($25,359) 2. Connecticut ($20,744) 3. New Jersey ($20,247) 4. Alaska ($19,924) 5. New Hampshire ($18,632) 6. Rhode Island ($17,231) 7. Massachusetts ($17,136) 8. Wyoming ($17,018) 9. Hawaii ($16,284) 10. Delaware ($15,406)

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USA Which States Invest the Most in Their Student