What Are Climate Migrants and Where Are They Moving?

What Is Climate Migration?

Climate migration is the act of moving away from areas that are prone to extreme weather or weather events and seeking refuge in areas with more moderate climates 

How Soon Will Climate Migration Really Take Off?

It's easy to talk about climate migration like a future situation in the process of unfolding. 

Which Parts of the U.S. Are Climate Migrants Abandoning?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans' entire population of 455,000 was forced to leave the city and settle elsewhere, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 

Where Are U.S. Climate Migrants Going?

Many people who are displaced due to climate prefer to stay as close to their home regions as possible, says Weber. So often, people in coastal areas will stay in their state but simply move inland 

What Are the Benefits of Climate Migration?

The benefits of abandoning areas prone to weather-related disasters are multifold, says Weber. First, there's the savings associated with not having to make frequent repairs or purchase flood or hurricane insurance. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Climate Migration?

For many people, abandoning an area where they've planted roots can take a toll, says Vince. When people migrate to different parts of the country, they often give up their jobs, social networks and support systems. 

Can At-Risk Areas Minimize the Impact of Weather Events?

Some can, says Vince, but for others, it may be too late. Ultimately, she insists, to prevent a mass displacement of people due to climate events, everything has to change, from our food to our manufacturing processes  

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