What Is The UK Lotto 'Must-Be-Won' Draw?

The UK National Lottery has an exciting draw coming up 

a 'must-be-won' draw where it is guaranteed that someone will win the jackpot 

A 'must-be-won' draw happens when nobody has matched all the lucky numbers to win the UK Lotto jackpot in the last five draws 

If nobody matches all the numbers in the sixth draw, the jackpot will go toward all the players who match the most numbers 

History of the Rolldown and Jackpot Cap

Must-be-won draws have been a part of the UK Lotto since game was launched in 1994, but the rules have changed a few times 

Previously, UK Lotto roll down draws would see the jackpot split between only the next tier of prize winners 

The jackpot cap used to be £22 million before new rules were announced 

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