Change the Active and passive voice of the following sentence

Change the Active and passive voice of the following sentence:-

1. Five hundred gram sevaks gave up their government posts.
Ans. Government posts of five hundred gram sevaks were given up.

2. Someone is following us.
Ans. We are being followed by someone.

3. We know that the earth is not oval.
Ans. It is known that the earth is not oval.

4. English is spoken all over the world.
Ans. People speak English all over the world.

5. The original has been destroyed.

Ans. They have destroyed the original.

6. Open the door.
Ans. Let the door be opened.

7. Make these announcements.
Ans. Let these announcements be made.

8. Can you speak English?
Ans. Can English be spoken by you?

9. Today hockey is played in many countries.
Ans. People play hockey in many countries today.

10. A mistake was made in identifying the criminal.

Ans. They made a mistake in identifying the criminal.

11. The Head Master read the annual report.
Ans. The annual report was read by the Head Master.

12. The earth is known to be round.
Ans. They know that the earth is round.

13. Monalisa was painted by Leonardo.
Ans. Leonardo painted Monalisa.

14. The inspector did not examine the fingerprints.

Ans. The fingerprints were not examined by the inspector.

15. Keep the door shut.
Ans. Let the door be kept shut.

16. Gandhiji broke the British salt law.
Ans. The British salt law was broken by Gandhiji.

17. His work has been praised.
Ans. Someone has praised his work.

18. The students are decorating the college hall.
Ans. The college hall is being decorated by the students.

19. Should you not tell the police about it?
Ans. Should the police not be told about it by you?

20. People blame the government for everything.

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Ans. The government is blamed for everything.

Active and passive voice Example with Answer

Here is the some example of Active and passive voice with Answer :-

21. My wrist watch has been stolen.
Ans. Some one has stolen my wrist watch.

22. They invited Tanuja to deliver a speech.
Ans. Tanuja was invited to deliver a speech.

23. We are being followed.
Ans. Someone is following us.

24. Somebody has stolen my book.
Ans. My book has been stolen.

25. He likes people to call him sir.
Ans. He likes to be called sir.

26. Put this picture on the wall.
Ans. Let this picture be put on the wall.

27. Everybody expected Mary to marry John.
Ans. Mary was expected to marry John by everybody

28. Some boys were flying kites.
Ans. Kites were being flow by some boys.

29. The earth is known to be round.
Ans. We know that the earth is round.

30. Original has been destroy.
Ans. Someone has destroyed the original.

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