100+ Example of Imperative Sentences – English Grammar 2023

100+ Example of Imperative Sentences – English Grammar

(Imperative Sentence) A sentence or phrase that expresses a command, request, advice, suggestion, threat, order, desire etc. is called an Imperative Sentence. It can be a word, phrase or sentence, which we use in short speaking, wherin no grammatical rules are implied.

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  • Imperative Sentence 10 Examples
  • 30 Imperative Sentences
  • Example of Declarative Sentence
  • Exclamatory Sentence Example
  • Imperative Sentence Structure
  • Imperative Sentences Exercises
  • Different Functions of Imperative Sentence
  • Imperative Question

100+ Example of Imperative Sentences

  1. Act upon someone’s advice.
  2. Always take time by the forelock.
  3. Apply for the job.
  4. Be a good human being.
  5. Be cautious.
  6. Beat about the bush.
  7. Beat the student Wash the clothes.
  8. Beware of dogs.
  9. Blow out the candle.
  10. Bolt the door.
  11. Brush the teeth.
  12. Burn the candle.
  13. Burn the midnight oil.
  14. Clean the flour.
  15. Come to see me.
  16. Deliver the letter.
  17. Do the work.
  18. Do your homework Don’t refuse to help.
  19. Don’t abuse.
  20. Don’t back out your promise.
  21. Don’t hurt anybody’s feeling.
  22. Don’t make mountain of a mole-hill.
  23. Don’t pass it on Look ahead.
  24. Don’t stand on the roof.
  25. Don’t trouble me.
  26. Don’t waste the flour.
  27. Don’t write.
  28. Enjoy a stroll Sell the goods.
  29. Feel the pulse Reach the station Obey your parents.
  30. Feeling sleepy.
  31. Finish your work.
  32. Forgive me.
  33. Get ready.
  34. Come in/Come on Don’t cheat.
  35. Get your parcel Don’t add fuel to the fire.
  36. Give him medicine.
  37. Give me newspaper.
  38. Give them warm welcome.
  39. Go abroad.
  40. Go and enjoy yourself Be careful.
  41. Go at once.
  42. Go away Don’t waste time in idle talk.
  43. Go away. Don’t laugh.
  44. Go on a picnic.
  45. Go straight.
  46. Go to school.
  47. Go to the hill station.
  48. Groan with pain.
  49. Have peace of mind.
  50. Live in this locality.
  51. Improve your handwriting.
  52. Keep in the dark Do this work again.
  53. Keep to the left.
  54. Knit the sweater Decorate the room.
  55. Lay the table.
  56. Learn your lesson.
  57. Leave in lurch. Work in this company.
  58. Lend me some money.
  59. Let him say first.
  60. Look up word in the dictionary Give a smile.
  61. Make fun.
  62. Make no noise Call other names.
  63. Get out. Shirk no work. Consult the doctor.
  64. Mind your own business.
  65. Pass the examination.
  66. Peel off the orange.
  67. Pick up the phone.
  68. Plough the fields.
  69. Detain him.
  70. Pluck the flower Reap the crops.
  71. Post the letters.
  72. Keep your word.
  73. Prepare for the exam.
  74. Punish the naughty boys.
  75. Put off the lamp.
  76. Read out this letter to me.
  77. Read the newspaper.
  78. Ring the bell.
  79. Run fast.
  80. Say a prayer.
  81. Settle your account.
  82. Shiver with cold.
  83. Sing a song. Read a book.
  84. Sink your differences Feel at home.
  85. Sit up for the examination Let it be Repair the road.
  86. Speak the truth.
  87. Stand first in the class.
  88. Stand on the bench.
  89. Stop talking Pack the luggage.
  90. Study in college.
  91. Switch off the light.
  92. Switch off your mobile.
  93. Take a bath.
  94. Take an examination.
  95. Take great interest in talk.
  96. Take off the shoes.
  97. Take part in debate. Solve the sum/questions.
  98. Take your meal.
  99. Tell a lie.
  100. Think positive.
  101. Thread a needle Don’t speak like that.
  102. Time will tell Keep mum.
  103.  Treat me well.
  104. Try to deceive me. Laugh at me.
  105. Try to meet him.
  106. Turn off the tap.
  107. Wait for me.
  108. Walk slowly.
  109. Watch the movie.
  110. Water the plants. Borrow money.
  111. Work very hard.
  112. Wring out the towel.
  113. Write a letter.
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What is imperative sentence Give Five example?

Imperative sentences are one of the four sentence types (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamative). Imperative sentences give commands.

20 Example of Imperative sentence in Hindi 

  1. मन की शांति हो।
  2. इस मोहल्ले में रहते हैं।
  3. अपनी लिखावट में सुधार करें।
  4. अँधेरे में रखें यह काम फिर से करें।
  5. बाईं ओर रखें।
  6. स्वेटर बुनें कमरे को सजाएं।
  7. अपना सबक सीखें।
  8. अधर में छोड़ दो। इस कंपनी में काम करें।
  9. मुझे कुछ पैसे उधार दीजिये।
  10. पहले उसे कहने दो।
  11. शब्दकोश में शब्द देखें एक मुस्कान दें।
  12. मजाक बनाना।
  13. शोर मत करो अन्य नामों को बुलाओ।
  14. बहार जाओ। शिर्क कोई काम नहीं। डॉक्टर से सलाह लें।
  15. अपने काम से काम रखो।
  16. परीक्षा पास करें।
  17. संतरे को छील लें।
  18. फ़ोन उठाओ।
  19. खेतों की जुताई करें।
  20. उसे हिरासत में लें।
  21. फूल तोड़ो फसल काटो।

10 Example of Imperative Sentences 

  1. Learn your lesson.
  2. Leave in lurch. Work in this company.
  3. Lend me some money.
  4. Let him say first.
  5. Look up word in the dictionary Give a smile.
  6. Make fun.
  7. Make no noise Call other names.
  8. Get out. Shirk no work. Consult the doctor.
  9. Mind your own business.
  10. Pass the examination.
  11. Peel off the orange.
तो यहाँ हमने ऊपर 20 imperative sentences के उदाहरण को देखा साथ ही 10 imperative sentences के एक्साम्पल भी देखें हैं |
Example of Imperative Sentences की इस जानकारी को सोशल मीडिया में शेयर जरुर करें |

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